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    Fly to Riga - Find a cheap flight with Traveljungle

    What about a city trip to Riga ? With Traveljungle you can find a cheap flight to Riga - there are at least a thousand reasons to go to this vibrant city, let it be the history, the culture or the glamorous nightlife. Experience the special vibe of this place that makes it popular among tourists and travellers from all around the world. For finding cheap flight tickets to Riga , we compare airfares from different airlines and show you the best flight deals available. Once you start to search for flights, you can refine your results by using filters for different airports or travel dates. We also let you know what is the best time to buy flight tickets. Find price offers from low-cost and budget airlines and fly from UK to Riga .

    Cheap flight to Riga - European Capital of Culture 2014

    If you are thinking about a cheap flight to head off for a city trip in Europe, 2014, Riga might be the perfect destination for you: the vibrant capital of Latvia welcomes its visitors as this year's capital of European culture and has good arguments to have earned this title. Compare cheap flights to Riga with our price comparison and discover this exciting city of the Baltic. Starting by the end of January and lasting all-season, more than 200 events and concerts will take place in Riga under the slogan "Force Majeure" ("Higher Force"). The official festival program will feature music, fine arts, cinema and pop culture. With beginning of this year, Latvia replaced its old currency with the Euro what makes a stay in Riga for visitors from Europe even more comfortable. For music lovers, fans of art and events, Riga is among the top places in Europe to be visited in 2014 - with a cheap flight from the UK to Riga, you can take part in this cultural highlight.

    Riga flights - travel infos

    The average time for a flight from London to Riga is approximately 3 h. With the Latvian Airline Air Baltic you can book direct flights from London and Aberdeen. Budget Airlines Ryan Air and Wizz Air offer cheap flights directly from UK. Stop-over flights to Riga can be booked with British Airways, SAS, Lufthansa or Finnair from many destinations in UK. With our price comparison you can find cheap flights from many airlines. The climate in Riga is influenced by its proximity to the sea, main season is from May to October. While temperatures are relatively fresh in summer with an average of 17 degrees in July, winter is comparatively mild with an average of minus 5 degrees in January. To find the best travel deals, use our flight comparison: Choose a destination or airport close to your area, enter your travel dates and find cheap flight offers from many airlines. Concerning the best time to travel, Riga is worth a trip, even in the off-season. With the price analysis on the results page you can discover cheap flights to Riga for every month - use the price history of airline tickets and compare flights to Riga in the main and off-season.

    Riga airport info

    Riga International Airport is the largest airport in the Baltic States, located about 30 minutes from the city center and with regular bus connections. Bus line 22 will take you from the airport directly to the city center, while tickets can be purchased from the bus driver and cost approximately 1 EUR. Traveler's tip: Buying the bus tickets at the airport or at the tourist information office at the airport will cost less (0.71 EUR). Also, there is the Airport Express Minibus that cost 5 EUR. A ride to the city center takes about a quarter of an hour and costs 12 to 15 EUR. Tip: Tariffs for rides can be found outside on the passenger door of the taxi. In Riga you will find great mobility with lots of trams connecting all quarters of the city. Travel tip for adventurers: if you want to continue your travel to explore the Baltic States, you will find not only cheap flights at Riga International Airport, but also international bus connections to several cities of the East: the bus companies Baltics and Lux Express offer bus routes to Minsk, Warsaw, Tallinn and St. Petersburg and there is even a bus connection to Berlin, Germany.

    City trip to Riga - Tips for Sightseeing and Shopping

    The capital of Latvia is the political, economic and cultural center of Latvia and the whole Baltic region. Trademark of the old Hanseatic city are the well-preserved Art Nouveau buildings and the picturesque looking fairy old town, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1997. Being announced the European Capital of Culture in 2014, numerous infrastructure projects were initiated like the construction of the new Latvian National Library by architect Gunnar Birkerts on the left bank of the Daugava river. At the same time, the city's culture and nightlife is blossoming: much has been invested; new restaurants and clubs have opened. Unless you don't stay at a cheap hotel in the beautiful old town of Riga, you should explore this part of the city during a walk. Situated on the right bank of the Daugava river, this part is the historic and geographical center where you can find sightseeing highlights like the dome of Riga, St. Peter 's Cathedral and the Riga Castle. For fans of shopping, the old town is an excellent starting point: small shops as well as big shopping centers entice you with cosmetics, jewelry and fashion from brands like Hugo Boss, Moschino or Karl Lagerfeld. Also the creative design scene of Latvia is worth to explore: young designers like Anna Ledskalnina or Alise Trautmane with their brands Anna Led and Narcissus stand for an independent and fresh Latvian fashion style. So no wonder that the celebrated Latvian designer duo Mareunrol 's recently won the prestigious top prize at the Festival of Fashion and Photography in HyŤres, France.

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