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    Compare cheap flights worldwide - easy, fast and free!

    Find hundreds of cheap flights with Traveljungle! Save time and money and compare flight tickets from major and budget airlines to find the best rates. Our price comparison will even tell you when it's the best time to book a flight, so you can plan your travel in advance. Discover Europe's most popular destinations - with a cheap flight, even trips to pricey places like London, Paris or Copenhagen can become affordable. If you want to explore other destinations, use the world map below to search cheap flights on all continents! Type in your destination to receive the results from our flight comparison - easy, fast and free.

    Cheap Flight Offers

    • New York Dba 12/09/2019 - 15/09/2019 Opodo £231
    • Bangkok Air China 29/02/2020 - 19/03/2020 Dream World Travel £350
    • Lisbon Vol spécial 30/08/2019 - 05/09/2019 Opodo £72
    • Istanbul British Airways 12/12/2019 - 19/12/2019 Dream World Travel £150

    Tips for flight comparison

    To find cheap deals for flights, price comparison is a must. But at the same time we all know that hunting the web for the best deals is not only time-consuming, but sometimes one will miss the right moment to purchase tickets at a moderate price. Luckily, there are a few tricks about how to find cheap flights on the internet. Some are basic and already well known like booking flights on weekdays (with less people who are travelling for leisure, these days are often cheaper). Other tricks are more advanced like deleting the browser history, before returning to a website to search for flights. Why do this? Because with cookies in your browser enabled, these sites will remember your last visit and assume by your return that you are more likely to book this time. Some of our tips, like searching for nearby airports, we have directly added to our flight comparison: when you search for flights, filter for different airports to compare prices. Keep in mind that sometimes it is cheaper to book two one-way flights, instead of a return flight. Especially if you have already found a cheap hotel , you can choose the airport which is close to your accommodation. As many flight comparison sites and online travel agencies have exclusive deals with airlines, make sure to compare offers from as many sites as possible to see all flights to your destination (this is recommended, especially when looking out for cheap discount deals from low-cost or budget airlines).

    How to find cheap flights: search early, be flexible

    Prices for airline tickets vary greatly, so the chances to get cheap flights are best, when you book early. The price history on the search result page shows you flight ticket prices for every month of the year. With this prediction, it is easy to catch the right moment to book a cheap flight. If you can't manage to book in advance, try to avoid peak times like weekends, main season or beginning of holidays, public holidays or special events: for example, if you plan to spend New Year's Eve in New York, you shouldn't book a day before, unless it's a really cheap last minute offer. Apart from being flexible with the travel dates, travel time can make a difference, too: Departures early in the morning or late in the evening might not be everyone's favorite thing, but for this reason one can find cheaper deals (as well as around lunch or dinner time). To find the best price, use the flight comparison to search flights for different travel times.

    About budget airlines and low-cost flights

    Years before it was strange to see discounters advertising with prices for flights sometimes cheaper than the taxi to the airport. Meanwhile budget airlines like easyJet are established not only among youngsters and hipsters who have quickly adopted this style (sometimes referred to as "Easy Jetset") of flying cheap with less comfort (and probably less luggage). As known, budget airlines will offer tickets at extremely reasonable prices, but usually the number of tickets is limited, so it is important to track discounts and special deals with the help of flight comparison sites or social media channels like Facebook or Twitter. Although these low-cost offers are usually so cheap that you do not have to think about it, take into account additional costs, such as heavy luggage or catering in the plane. Most budget airlines like Ryanair, Vueling or easyJet fly to smaller airports outside of the cities, so you might also want to check connecting flights, the public transport from the airport to the city centre or directly book cheap car hire . If you have found the right offer, we will transfer you directly to our partner's site, for booking your cheap flight.

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