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Compare thousands of cheap hotels and holiday accommodations with Traveljungle! Our hotel comparison will search deals, discounts and low room rates in the UK, Europe and worldwide. Compare prices before you book an offer and find cheap hotels in cities like London, Paris or Dubai. Use our price forecast to plan your holidays and trips weeks or even months ahead. To get started, type your destination and travel dates into the search and discover cheap hotels fast and free!

Compare cheap hotel offers

Booking hotels online gives many benefits to travelers. Save the way to the next travel agency and save time and money by comparing offers available seven days a week. To keep a better overview, Traveljungle allows you to compare rates from different travel sites at a glance. Once you have started to search, you can filter your results by price, stars or facilities. Read hotel descriptions and see ratings for price performance, guest experience and location on our page with search results. Find accommodations and holiday apartments close to sightseeing spots and select those with the best ratings from other guests. Our hotel comparison will not only display the best price, but provide useful information about amenities that helps you to find the right hotel.

Spending a weekend in a hotel in Paris or heading off for a short trip to Berlin or Copenhagen, has never been so easy - combined with a cheap flight , travelling to Europe's most popular destinations can be realized as a bargain. Whether you look for the luxury of a five-star casino hotel in Las Vegas or for a cheap hostel in Amsterdam downtown: our comparison offers a huge selection from budget to business, from independent to chain hotels.

Tips for hotel comparison

Comparing prices and rates for hotels might be time-consuming, but with knowing a few tricks, price comparison is the best method to discover discounts and deals (especially when trying to find cheap hotels in cities known to be expensive like Paris, New York or Las Vegas). If you are aiming at the lowest possible rates, we recommend avoiding peak times like holidays, main season and special events like Sylvester (unless you book really early). For better deals in pricey places, look out for hotels outside the city center: staying in a nice and cozy suburban area with a good public transport connection can be more worthy than being close to the tourist attractions, but in a loud and noisy neighborhood. Also try to book hotel rooms as early as possible, at least two to six months in advance. Having said this, there might also be some last minute offers, but if you want to stay in your favorite hotel you might not be willing to risk that it's already booked out. Our tip: if you have booked a room, come back to regularly check the prices: if the rates fall significantly, you might cancel your booking and book your accommodation to better conditions.

Next to price comparison sites like Traveljungle, there are forums and websites which provide hotel reviews and insider information from real guests. Make sure that the articles and comments you read are not older than six months. Studying the reviews from the same period of time you want to travel is interesting, because on this way you find out, if the air condition in the room is working properly during hot summer or cold winter nights. Having found an interesting offer with our price comparison, it might be worthy to take a look at the hotel's website: as the demand for hotel reservation in the internet is constantly growing, one may expect a certain level of presentation here. Also, there should be a contact to inquire certain things directly. If you book hotels online, you usually get a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours, which contains all the important details of your booking as well as contact details.