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    Find a cheap flight to Morocco

    Always wanted to go to Morocco ? Get inspired to travel to this exciting country with a cheap flight to Morocco . Find out why this place attracts tourists and travellers from all over the world and discover the nature, the rich culture and the top tourist attractions - wherever you want to travel: our flight search will compare airfares from low-cost and budget airlines to find the best price offers for flights to the most popular places and cities in Morocco . Select a destination, type it into our search engine and find a cheap flight to Morocco.

    When to go:
    You can go to Morocco anytime during the year thanks to its moderate, subtropical climate. If you want to discover the cities, the best period is during the spring and the fall. If you like outdoor activities like hiking, go during the summer and enjoy the fresh air. If you want to get a tan by the pool, don’t forget your sunscreen because the temperature can reach 40°C in the sun. If you prefer skiing or visiting small towns, winter is better.
    Also, if you want to avoid crowds of tourists, we advise you not to go between April –May and July-August.

    Direct flights: You can find direct flights from London, Manchester and Birmingham to the main cities such as Marrakesh, Casablanca or Agadir.

    Currency: The currency of Morocco is the dirham.

    Flight time: It takes approximately 3 hours from London and 3 hours and 30 mins from Germany.

    Time difference: There is no time difference between the United Kingdom and Morocco. The time difference is -1 hour in summer and -2 hours in winter from Germany.

    Daily budget: Depending on how you travel, you may want to budget more, but the average is approximately 60 € per day, that is to say between 8-15€ for the food and 20-40€ for an accommodation.

    Language: Moroccans speak Arabic but they also speak French or English.

    Local food: The two local foods favorites are Couscous (semolina, vegetables and meat) and Tajine (stew cooked with lamb or fish). But there are also “Méchoui,” which is a dish with lamb or mutton cooked on a barbecue. “Kefta” are meatballs with spices, and “Kaab el-ghzal” is also called Tcharak (an Algerian pastry in the shape of a horn made of flour, butter and orange blossom filled with almond paste and coated with sugar).

     To learn more about Arabian culture, you should enjoy one of the many cultural events in the year:
    - May: World Music Festival in Fès (North of Morocco)
    - June: art festival in Marrakesh
    - August 21st: Youth event celebrated all over the country
    - September: international Marrakesh film festival
    - November or December: the end of Ramadan, a religious holiday

    Best rates for flights to Morocco

    • Agadir Royal Air Maroc 23/09/2019 - 30/09/2019 Opodo £269

    Useful informations about Morocco

    • Population: 31993000
    • Capital: Rabat
    • Language: Arabic
    • Timezone: WET (UTC+0) Summer (DST) WEST (UTC+1)
    • Currency: MAD
    • Cities: Casablanca, Rabat, Fes, Marrakech, Oujda, Agadir, Meknes, Tangier, El Qenitra, Beni Mellal, Safi
    • Airports: Mohammed V International Airport(CMN), Tet Mellil Airport, Sale Airport(RBA), Saiss Airport(FEZ), Sefrou Airport, Menara International Airport(RAK), Angads Airport(OUD), Al Massira Airport (Inezgane Airport)(AGA), Bassatine Airport(MEK), Ibn Batouta International Airport(TNG), Beni Mellal Airport, Safi Airport(SFI)
    • Latitude: 34.0150501090008
    • Longitude: -6.832720264792428
    • Electricity: 220 V
    • Plug: C / E

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    Morocco weather

    4-day weather forecast
    •  Casablanca Casablanca 20°C | 28°C 28°C 28°C 27°C 28°C 
    •  Rabat Rabat 19°C | 28°C 28°C 28°C 28°C 28°C 
    •  Marrakech Marrakech 19°C | 35°C 35°C 36°C 38°C 38°C 
    •  Agadir Agadir 19°C | 29°C 29°C 29°C 30°C 31°C