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    Find a cheap flight to Greenland

    Always wanted to go to Greenland ? Get inspired to travel to this exciting country with a cheap flight to Greenland . Find out why this place attracts tourists and travellers from all over the world and discover the nature, the rich culture and the top tourist attractions - wherever you want to travel: our flight search will compare airfares from low-cost and budget airlines to find the best price offers for flights to the most popular places and cities in Greenland . Select a destination, type it into our search engine and find a cheap flight to Greenland.

    Useful informations about Greenland

    • Population: 57564
    • Capital: Nuuk
    • Language: Greenlandic (Kalaallisut)
    • Timezone: GMT (UTC+0 to -4)
    • Currency: DKK
    • Cities: Nuuk (ex Godthaab), Sisimiut
    • Airports: Nuuk Airport(GOH), Sisimiut Airport(JHS), Aasiaat Airport(JEG), Kulusuk Airport(KUS), Upernavik Airport(JUV)
    • Latitude: 64.18122069381158
    • Longitude: -51.729949414730086
    • Electricity: 230 V
    • Plug: C / K

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    Greenland weather

    4-day weather forecast
    •  Ilulissat Ilulissat -27°C | -23°C -23°C -23°C -24°C -20°C 
    •  Kulusuk Kulusuk -16°C | -13°C -13°C -9°C -9°C -10°C 
    •  Pituffik Pituffik -31°C | -29°C -29°C -29°C -28°C -27°C 
    •  Narsarsuaq Narsarsuaq -13°C | -9°C -9°C -10°C -4°C -10°C